Toyota Track Battle: How fast is the Corolla GR Sport?

How fast is the Toyota Corolla GR Sport? To answer this question an impressive group was assembled at the challenging Anglesey Circuit in Wales, featuring a new Corolla GR Sport hatchback pitched as the protagonist in a series of lap battles between two generations of road and race Corolla models.

The hybrid GR Sport was put up against a 1987 AE86 Corolla GT Coupe, the BTCC Championship winning AE86 Corolla GT Coupe race car from 1987, and the 2021 Toyota Gazoo Racing UK Corolla touring car,

Overseeing the showdown was the high-performing Toyota Gazoo Racing UK touring car team, with drivers Rory Butcher, Sam Smelt and Scott McKenna as well as team principal Christian Dick getting behind the wheel.

How did the GR Sport compare on track against these three very different Corollas? Watch the film to find out.

To read more about the Corolla Track Battle, visit the Toyota UK Magazine:

For more information on the Toyota Corolla GR Sport, click here:

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