New 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross – FIRST LOOK & Details at Hybrid Mid Size SUV for Europe

Let’s take the first look at the all-new Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 in plug-in hybrid version especially for Europe market. Also we rendered the new Toyota Corolla Cross in different colors: red, blue, black, green, white, grey, silver, yellow, etc.

Toyota Corolla Cross brings C-segment SUV space, practicality, and a strong and solid design to the world’s best-selling model range for the first time. Not only does the new SUV complete the family of Corolla derivatives -sitting alongside the hatchback, Touring Sports and sedan, but it also completes Toyota’s SUV line-up, which now offers customers the widest range in the European market. Based on Toyota’s TNGA philosophy, the Corolla Cross features the latest GA-C platform developments, which bring benefits to the vehicle’s styling, packaging, technology and driving dynamics.


The new Toyota SUV’s powerful, robust styling has been specifically tailored to the European market, with a unique combination of headlamp and rear lamp cluster complimenting the double-trapezoid front grille, flared 3-dimensional fenders and tapered cabin of an urban-tough SUV. The Corolla Cross is 4460mm long, 1825mm wide, 1620mm high and has a wheelbase of 2640mm. It sits between the Toyota C-HR and the RAV4 at the heart of the highly competitive European C-SUV segment, offering the comfort, practicality and versatility essential to active families with young children. The interior offers outstanding visibility for all occupants, ample front and rear seat head- and legroom, large rear door openings, an increase in light and the feeling of spaciousness provided by a panoramic sunroof. The loadspace combines an easy-access low lip height with wide door opening which makes it convenient for the loading of large objects like a prams or bicycles.


The Corolla Cross is the first Toyota model globally to benefit from the new fifth-generation hybrid system. Toyota’s 5th generation, self-charging, full hybrid FWD (front-) or AWD-i (intelligent-all-wheel drive) powertrain builds on its predecessor with more torque, more electrical power, greater efficiency and increased driving pleasure. The transaxle has been re-engineered along with new lubrication and oil distribution systems that use low-viscosity oil. This contributes to efficiency and power improvements thanks to reduced electrical and mechanical losses. Featuring the latest developments in Li-ion batteries, the new battery pack system is more powerful and 40% lighter than before. Both motor and engine output have improved, resulting in a total system output increase of more than 8%. The FWD 2.0 litre hybrid powertrain generates 146kW/197hp, delivering 0-100km/h acceleration in 8.1 seconds. The AWD-i variant features an additional, powerful electric motor on the rear axle which develops and impressive 30,6 kW. The rear motor automatically engages to give greater traction, driving confidence and peace of mind in low-grip conditions. Thus equipped, the AWD-i Corolla Cross shares the FWD version’s acceleration performance. The 5th generation hybrid system’s drivability has also been further improved. The system is now even more linear, predictable and controllable under acceleration, with vehicle speed more closely matching engine revolutions to provide a more intuitive and natural driving experience. This was achieved by recalibrating the relationship between the driver’s accelerator pedal input and the actual response from the powertrain.

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