The Best Features of the NEW 2023 Toyota Corolla!!

The Best Features of the NEW 2023 Toyota Corolla!!

The worldwide favorite 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is here and will offer much more in terms of trims, performance, safety features, and style, and yet it still costs less than last year’s model!

Keep watching this video to find out why the Corolla is so popular and how the 2023 model may just be the best one yet…

The 2023 Toyota Corolla has got style…

The all new 2023 Corolla might not be as striking as a rugged classic car, but it’s far from being ugly. The new modern-looking Corolla has some neat LED headlights and an attractive rear end, and when featured with the right options, instead it can be a sporty-looking sedan.

On top of that, the colorways of the new Corolla comes a bit peculiar, ranging from your basic silvers, whites, and blacks, to some more eye-catching ones like Dark Blue Mica and Ruby Flare Pearl.

The all new 2023 Corolla Hybrid gets an updated front and rear fascias. It now syncs with all the non-hybrid models and has a sporty angle. Also, the front fascia will now get contrasting glossy black elements with the lower grille as well as aggressive design bits. Its rear also gets an integrated diffuser finished in black. And also the base trim steel wheels now have been replaced with 16-inch alloy units.

The SE and XLE trim now come equipped with 18-inch graphite wheels along with silver-shaded 10-spoke 16-inch units. Now most of the exterior colors have been carried over from the 2022 palette. Toyota has replaced two Blue Cush Metallic and Black Sand Pearl and even added two new shades such as Midnight Black Metallic and Underground. The LED lighting will be a standard across the 2023 Corolla line-up.

Improved Engine

The all new 2023 Corolla uses a 169-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder which sends power to the front wheels through a continuously variable automatic transmission or the CVT. And while all hatchbacks share that same powertrain, the sedan also offers a hybrid powertrain. The Corolla Hybrid sedan utilizes a 1.8-liter four-cylinder and hybrid system for a total output of 138 hp. Most Corollas are FWD, but for 2023, Corolla Hybrid models are available with all-wheel drive.

New for 2023, the GR Corolla hot hatch uses a 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder that pumps out 300 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. The GR Corolla employs Toyota’s GR-Four AWD system, allowing you to choose between a 60:40, 50:50, or 30:70 split power distribution between the front and rear wheels. A six-speed manual is the only option available on this variant.

A Smooth Ride

Now one thing the Corolla never really excelled at was giving the user a fun driving experience. Even though this might be a dealbreaker for some, and there are other areas in which Toyota instead places its focus.

On the highway, or even in the proper city, the 2023 Toyota Corolla feels much more premium than its price would suggest. But still it soaks up bumps and imperfections on the road surprisingly well and has minimal road noise.

Great Gas Mileage

The Corolla sedan offers an exceptionally thrifty hybrid model along with a fuel-efficient four-cylinder. The gasoline-only front-wheel-drive Corolla achieves a spectacular 41 mpg highway rating and 32 mpg in the city. And these figures have been proven to be a bit conservative.

The all new 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid’s fuel economy is even more unbelievable. As the front-wheel-drive Hybrid Corolla earns up to 50 mpg in the city as well as 43 on the highway.

The hybrid car experts tested earned 40 mpg on its 75-mph fuel-economy route; the Corolla XSE sedan car experts tested saw 41 mpg. Also, the Corolla hatchback is rated up to 32 mpg city as well as 42 highway. The hatchbacks car experts tested earned 40 and 36 mpg.

The GR Corolla

What does “GR” stand for? That’s shorthand for “Gazoo Racing,” Toyota’s motorsports and performance division. In the U.S., those letters are found on the GR86 sport coupe and GR Supra sports car, but internationally, Toyota also has vehicles like the Mark X GRMN, C-HR GR Sport, and of course, the GR Yaris.

For 2023, Toyota introduces the first-ever GR Corolla—a riot to drive. Along with a 300-hp engine, this hotted-up Corolla benefits from a more rigid body, functional air vents in the rear lower bumper cover, and wide-tread Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires for improved cornering performance.

Circuit Edition versions of the Corolla GR receive a more lightweight forged carbon-fiber roof and a vented bulged hood. Inside the cabin, look for suede-trim seats with red stitching and unique GR-badged headrests.

The hottest version of the GR Corolla might be the limited-run Morizo Edition. Named for the president of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, himself an accomplished race car driver, it’s built to his specifications.

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