2023 Toyota “GR” Corolla – EVERYTHING You Need to Know Ft. Engineer David Chao

With the success of the GR Yaris worldwide, North American fans have been waiting for their turn at a flickable awd hot hatch from Toyota. Luckily, we might not have to wait much longer as rumors continue to build for a GR Corolla.
Today we’re discussing all things GR Corolla with a very special guest, David Chao. David’s been in the auto industry for over three decades as an engineer and consultant for many automakers, including Toyota. You can find David’s content over at Automotive Press Youtube page and website. David, thank you for joining us, how are you today?

David’s outlets

0:00 – The GR Corolla is Coming
0:17 – Special Guest, David Chao
1:20 – History of Gazoo Racing
6:44 – GR Corolla derived from GR Yaris?
7:45 – When will it be available and Where?
10:02 – GR Corolla Powertrain
12:42 – Where it will be built, and by WHO
17:13 – CVT in GR Corolla?!?
19:40 – Pricing is WHAT?!
23:34 – Toyota Chit Chat & Closing

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