2022 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports | 2.0 hybrid 184 hp CVT GR Sport | POV test drive | 2023

In this video you can watch my new 2022 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports GR Sport POV test drive. I’m driving this hybrid station wagon on different kind of roads: countryside roads, city roads, the highway, a bumpy road, cobblestones, … I also test the acceleration (0-100 km/h) and quickly show the exterior. This 2022 model will still be on sale in 2023.

This channel “CarStan POV Drives” is all about POV driving with new cars. No annoying talks, just driving. With these POV test drives, I hope you get useful information about how it feels to drive each car. Make sure to use your headphones for the best audio experience.

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– Engine: 2.0 hybrid
– Power: 184 hp
– Transmission: e-CVT automatic
– Drivetrain: front wheel drive

0:00 Walkaround
0:25 Reversing
0:43 National road – Normal mode
1:21 Highway – Sport mode
1:48 Tunnel – Normal mode
2:14 Highway acceleration – Sport mode
2:25 Acceleration 0-100 – Eco mode
2:37 Acceleration 0-100 – Normal mode
2:48 Acceleration 0-100 – Sport mode
3:01 Cobblestone road
3:31 Bumpy road
4:22 Voice commands – problem navigation
5:33 Countryside roads – Normal mode
6:36 Countryside roads – Sport mode

Posted by asami