2022 Toyota Sienta Hybrid Review | CarBuyer Singapore

We review Toyota’s useful and practical Category A Hybrid MPV – the Toyota Sienta Hybrid. Derryn and the CarBuyer team check out what the 2022 Toyota Sienta Hybrid has to offer, how it drives, and whether it’s as fuel efficient as a Toyota Hybrid should be?

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00:00 Start
00:05 First look at the 2022 Toyota Sienta Hybrid
00:19 Perfomance figures
00:34 Design and appearance
01:01 Interior third-row seat test
02:11 Second-row seat test
02:24 How the movable row of seats work
03:22 Seat materials are now what…?!
03:43 Three in the second row, pass or fail?
04:18 From the cockpit
07:06 Connectivity and features
08:14 Boot space
08:41 Ride quality and driving aspects
10:04 Fuel efficiency
11:09 In summary
11:22 Buy, avoid, or shortlist
12:04 Closing
12:15 End

Presenter: Kimberley, Luke, and Derryn
Videography and editing: Naz and Khai

Produced by CarBuyer Singapore
Content copyright CarBuyer Singapore / CarBuyer.com.sg 2019-2022.

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