Toyota GR Corolla Rally Concept Reveal at SEMA 2022

The 2023 GR Corolla debuted earlier this year and gives North American driving enthusiasts the hot hatch they’ve been asking for. Before the new addition to the Toyota GR sports car model line becomes available in Toyota dealerships in 2023, Toyota provides a glimpse of the new model’s potential for aftermarket customization with its GR Corolla Rally Concept.

The first task was creating functional rally car bodywork that complements the GR Corolla’s already dynamic look. They fabricated an aggressive wide body configuration with massive three-inch fender flares made from 20-gauge steel, and integrated carbon composite side skirts. Huge openings in front and rear fenders direct and exhaust dirty air from the wheel openings, and the fenders are aerodynamically designed to create maximum downforce.

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Posted by asami