SEMA 2022 Presentation | Awards, Gazoo Racing & Project Builds, AAP, Trailhunter Concept | Toyota

At SEMA 2022, Lisa Materazzo, along with Rutledge Wood, announce Toyota’s SEMA award, Gazoo Racing project builds, and unveil the Trailhunter Concept along with the new Associated Accessory Parts (AAP) program. Watch more SEMA videos:

“GR86 Daily Drifter” Build Story:

“10 Second Twins” Build Story:

“GR Corolla Rally” Build Story:

0:00 SEMA 2022 Presentation
1:10 SEMA Awards
2:17 Gazoo Racing
3:04 GR Supra SEMA Build
4:21 GR86 SEMA Build
5:16 GR Cup
6:01 GR Corolla
7:08 GR Corolla SEMA Build
9:50 Associated Accessory Parts
11:04 X Overland’s Sequoia Build
11:41 X Overland’s Tundra Build
12:28 Trailhunter Concept

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Toyota announces its SEMA Award, along with Gazoo Racing Project Builds, Associated Accessory Parts Program, and Trailhunter Concept. Hosted by Lisa Materazzo with guest Rutledge Wood.

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