Toyota Just LAUNCHED The All-New 2023 Toyota GR Corolla!

Toyota Just LAUNCHED The All-New 2023 Toyota GR Corolla!

Built to last, created to perform, and designed for life, the Toyota brand stands for ensuring value, safety, and quality wherever your adventures take you.

The first-ever marketing campaign for the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla, “Rally Ready,” launches. The cars seen in the ad were designed and constructed by auto enthusiasts specifically for use on racetracks. Toyota’s new GR Family advertising campaign features the GR Corolla, GR 86, and GR Supra, the three cars that make up the Gazoo Racing (GR) family. Well, if you are running behind on some of that stuff, then today’s episode might be just for you. In today’s episode, we will be looking into Toyota’s All-New 2023 Toyota GR Corolla!

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“The all-new GR Corolla joins the GR Family and connects drivers to the pavement with vehicles that make your heart skip a beat,” said Lisa Matarazzo, group vice president of Toyota Marketing for Toyota Motor North America. “The all-new GR Corolla joins the GR Family and connects drivers to the pavement with vehicles that make your heart skip a beat.” “The GR Corolla and GR Family campaigns represent the newfound excitement and uncompromising energy inspired by Gazoo Racing’s tradition of performance,” according to the company.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing debuted two new models of the GR Corolla. the GR Corolla RZ and the GR Corolla Morizo Edition. The GR Corolla RZ trim level of the brand-new GR Corolla, which debuted in April, will be offered in Japan. New in the States is the GR Corolla Morizo Edition, which was announced at the same time. The intention behind this package is to provide “a driving flavor that stimulates and that powers the want to keep going,” as well as “an uncontrolled energy that captivates clients.”

The President of Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Master Driver Akio Toyoda, better known as Morizo, was immediately behind the wheel of development prototypes to ensure the highest quality of this trim level. The GR Corolla RZ will be available for purchase from Toyota dealerships all around the United States beginning this fall. Starting this fall, a reservation lottery will open up for the GR Corolla Morizo Edition, which will go on sale in limited quantities this winter at GR Garage sites around the country. In the future, GR Garage plans to produce both types.

Making ever-better motorsports-bred cars, with an emphasis on refining cars to win races and making them commercially affordable, was continued on with the development of the GR Corolla.

Participating in the Super Taikyu Series with a Corolla fitted with a hydrogen engine*4 to also refine a hydrogen engine, which incorporates new technologies, was a concrete example of this process, since Toyota Master Driver Morizo himself drove the car for multiple stints during the competition.

In addition, prototypes were extensively tested not only on racing circuits but also on extremely challenging dirt roads and snow-covered highways to guarantee that the vehicle could be driven with confidence and fun in a wide range of conditions.

Beyond the limits of control, drivers like Morizo, racing driver Hiroaki Ishiura, All Japan Rally Championship victor Norihiko Katsuta, and in-house evaluators pushed the car to perfection.

A modified version of the 1.6-liter in-line three-cylinder intercooler turbo engine found in the GR Yaris provides 224 kW of peak power in the GR Corolla (304 PS).

One of the many steps required to develop a vehicle that can be driven safely and confidently to its limits was to fine-tune the GR-FOUR 4WD system, which is also found in the GR Yaris, to meet the requirements of the GR Corolla.


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