Toyota Corolla GR Sport Hybrid 2021

Toyota Corolla GR Sport Hybrid 2021 .

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✅ Emil Frey Bern :
The new Corolla interior is a spacious, modern and cohesive environment in which new
textures, colours and trims combine to offer high levels of visual and tactile quality.
Key to the feeling of spaciousness is a new instrument panel that is 24mm slimmer overall.
The reduction in height of the upper panel area reduces the structure’s perceived mass and
improves the driver’s forward view, while at the same time enabling the front seat hip point to
be lowered. This in turn helps lower the car’s centre of gravity and creates a more engaging
driving position.
Conversely, the centre console has been made 42mm wider and 22mm higher to improve
switchgear and shift lever ergonomics and enhance the wraparound feel of the driver’s
cockpit area. The centre console arm rest height has been precisely determined and its
sliding range increased by 20mm to improve comfort.
The ergonomic excellence of the driver’s cockpit area is also supported by a new steering
wheel design with integrated heating and optimised switch lay-out. New switchgear and
instrumentation have also been introduced to create an intuitive HMI design. The details
include a new driver’s instrument binnacle with a seven-inch multi-information display, a
central eight-inch multimedia display, electronic parking brake control and an auto-dimming
rear-view mirror (for full details see the Premium Comfort and Convenience chapter).
The new 2.0-litre hybrid system develops 178bhp/132kW and 192Nm of engine torque, with
added power from an 80kW/650V electric motor that produces 202Nm maximum torque from
zero rpm.

It provides an “energised drive,” taking full advantage of the stability, handling and agility
inherent in Corolla’s new GA-C platform. There is more power, a Sport driving mode and a
six-speed sequential shiftmatic transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifts.
It is also a unique proposition in Corolla’s market segment; no conventional powertrain can
offer the same combination of performance and low emissions. Numerous measures have
been taken to match the power with fuel efficiency, low emissions and quiet running.

The aluminium engine block has been designed for minimum weight, with its outer wall
thickness reduced to 2.3mm, and a low centre of gravity, making a significant contribution to
Corolla’s dynamic performance. Other weight-reducing measures include a thinner cylinder
head, a lightweight timing chain case and a lighter valvetrain.
Fuel-efficient, high-speed combustion is achieved through a high tumble flow created by an
efficient intake port design and long stroke. There is also a new-design oil pump and, in
common with the 1.8 hybrid system, numerous friction reducing measures and a 14.0:1
compression ratio have been adopted, all supporting fuel efficiency.

The four-cylinder, 1,987cc engine has an uprated Dual VVT-i system with VVT-iE electric
intelligent variable valve-timing on the intake side. This uses an electric motor instead of oil
pressure to control timing, which improves output and efficiency while reducing emissions.
Emissions are also reduced by locating the exhaust system’s catalytic converter closer to the
engine and by initiating warm-up control after the engine is started to achieve early and
better exhaust purification. Powertrain noise levels are brought to exceptionally low levels by the use of a balance shaft, changes to the position and shape of the engine mounts, structural changes to the transaxle, gear tooth polishing, a positive/negative hysteresis damper, a lightweight timing chain and revisions to the water pump motor.

The hatchback adopts a more sporting and dynamic look with striking frontal styling that
marks a further evolution of Toyota’s design philosophy. The narrow upper grille, set
beneath the curved front edge of a flatter, clamshell bonnet, incorporates new all-LED
headlight units with integrated daytime running lights.

The all-LED rear lamp clusters have light guides located as far out towards the vehicle’s
edge as possible, emphasising Corolla’s wide stance. The rear bumper styling echoes the
catamaran look of the front; on the 2.0-litre hybrid there is a slim lower lip with two chrome
inserts. The new Corolla’s eight-inch full-colour touch screen gives access to the latest Toyota Touch 2 with Go multimedia and navigation system. Operation and functionality have been improved, with faster response and boot times and allowing the use of pinch, zoom and side commands, like those used on smartphones. There is now a One Box Search facility and the sharpness and contrast levels have been adjusted for improved readability, even in direct sunlight.


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