2022 LEXUS NX 450h+ Plug-In Hybrid AWD gay car boys FULL Review

When I first saw the images of NX, I said to myself, “Meh.”
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It seemed to like the old one, and I wanted more. Then I saw it in person, and slipped into that tasty interior. The sun shone, the birds sang, and something light and airy played an uplifting soundtrack. LEXUS had finally ditched their horrible entertainment system for a shiny new one, and a it was perfection.

And that my dears, is NX in a nutshell, near brilliance with the annoying bits removed.

LEXUS has one all-electric car, the smaller UX 300e SUV. We drove it, and although it was ok, I didn’t want to have its babies. NX 450h+ on the other hand, yes please, that’s for me.

In order to understand the importance of this drivetrain, we must understand some terribly boring numbers. Bear with me my little chickens, and all will become clear.

A quick look at our industry almanac, VFacts, shows a massive increase in the uptake of electric, PHEV, and Hybrid drivetrains over this time last year. Despite still accounting for around 50% of the market, petrol-only drivetrains are down around 40,000 units so far this year. Diesel is steady, at around 1/3 of all sales, with heavy commercial and electrified vehicles making up the rest.

Put simply possums, of the 622,319 vehicles sold so far, 61,655 are Hybrid/PHEV/EV/Hydrogen vehicles. That’s almost 10%. The nay-sayers must feel pretty stupid now, right?

Hydrogen accounts for 10 units, so let’s forget about that for now. Pure electric (EV) vehicles make up 10,289 sales, of which 4,657 are Tesla Model 3 (no other Tesla models were sold). That leaves 50,000 hybrid and PHEV sales.

That leads neatly back to our LEXUS NX 450h+ PHEV. The “h” means hybrid, and the “+” means plug-in, in LEXUS parlance. Toyota and LEXUS account for the majority of the hybrid/PHEV sales. They’ve been doing it for 30 years, way back when driving a hybrid meant you were a weirdo.

The sexy NX is LEXUS’ biggest seller with more than 50% of NX’s being electrified, AKA hybrid/PHEV.

The impressive NX 450h+ is the $90,000 flagship NX. It comes with AWD, and a PHEV hybrid system. That means it can run for around 90km in EV mode, and like a regular hybrid the rest of the time.

The engine/motor combo is good for 227kw, and a 0-100 of 6.8 seconds. Economy is as low as 1.3L/100k, and if you’re very clever, you could run for 99.999999999% of the time in EV-only mode. It means that big useless chunk of dinosaur-burning pig-iron up front, could just be used for the annual road trip.
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