Toyota GR Corolla vs Nissan Z – $40,000 Can Go Two Ways

GR Corolla or Z?

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GR: G16E-GTS rally-homoligated GR Yaris engine
1.6T 3 cylinder
300hp / 273 lbft
Revs to about 6500rpm

Z: The Z gets the same 3 liter twin turbo V6 from the Infiniti Red Sport twins. It’s a great engine. It makes 400 hp and 350lbft. It likes to rev and it wants to stay above 3000 rpm where it’s at its sharpest


GR: You also only get a manual option and it’s Toyota’s own 6 speed i-MT or intelligent manual trans
Which essentially means it’s got rev-matching and engineered to handle the torque
Should be fun

Z: The Z launched with a 9 speed auto and a 6 speed manual, which is more than can be said for th Supra. The 9 speed is the same box from the Frontier. It;’s a Mercedes design and built by Jatco. We didn’t end up having time to try the auto. The trans didn’t bother me at all in the Frontier, but that’s a truck of course. The manual gets an EXEDY high performance clutch to help deal with all th power. 1st and 2nd gear get new synchros and weirdly enough both the auto and manual gets launch control

You can get auto revmatch downshifting which was stupendous (of course you can turn it off)


GR: we, unfortunately, haven’t driven this one yet either
This is the first GR vehicle we see here in the states with Toyota’s GR-Four wheel drive system and it’s pretty sophisticated
It’s rally developed and it can be set in 3 ways
60:40 torque split (front)
50:50 symmetrical (like WRX or STI if they made one)
30:70 split (rear) for safe slides (lol)
But wait it gets better – On the base “core trim” you can option a performance package that will put torsen LSDs on your front and rear axle
Open diffs are standard on Core trim, but the LSDs are std on Circuit Edition

Suspension up front isn’t a double wishbone, but a macPhearson strut setup
Supposedly to reduce cost
It’s a double-wishbone multi-link set-up in the rear though
You love to see it

Tires will be Michelin Pilot Sport 4s with 18 inch wheels and enough sidewall to not get beatup

Brakes are from Toyota’s own parts bin and the rotors are 14 inches and the calipers are 4 pistons

The weight comes in at 3249lbs and they go into the topic of weight savings with things like a aluminium hood across the board and the circuit edition getting a forged carbon roof
To drop the center a gravity a little

Z: The Z is built on the same chassis as the outgoing 370, but they’ve revised it and made it almost 11% more rigid with some bracing and bonding. Even when hustling it through the desert and putting load into the tires I didn’t notice much of any flex. Sure the chassis is old, but there’s nothing wrong with it

The Z gets a really refined set-up with aluminum dual wishbones up front and an aluminum multi link rear. What it results in is a car that’s very sharp and when you’re driving hard you get a lot back from the car. However, i noticed the rear liked to bounce just a little on the highway over bumps

The Z also gets a true LSD in the back…assuming you get the performance trim


GR: The corolla looks more aggressive i’d say, but not better IMO
Big lower fascia grille
Hood scoop options
Flared front and rear fenders
Multi-spoke wheels w/ red calipers (how original)
Gill behind front wheels
More conventional hatch style w/ decklid wing
Also tri-tips but not bunched together
If you get rear ended anywhere it’s GG

Z: The Z, though, I think perfects the modern retro thing. There’s so much 240 in that car’s design and that’s my favorite gen Z so it plays right on my heart strings


GR: The Corolla interior reminds me vaguely of the GR86 interior in the sense that it’s got a very appropriate feeling, but it just doesn’t give the sense of quality or expensiveness that you get from the Honda
A lot of the features, though are the same from the Corolla to the Civic
Both seem to have similar space in the back seat, though i would venture the corolla offers more headroom
And I would think, due to the body shape, the toyota offers more cargo space

Z: This was a huge and really pleasant surprise to me spending time in the Z. They did such a good job with the interior space on the new Z. There’s good space, good visibility, doesn’t feel cramped. The materials are really impressive, leather, stitching, alcantara, but of course some gloss black. Then the tech is all exactly what you want, minus some more advanced driver assist systems like active lane keeping


GR: TBD, assuming 40k (ish)

Z: base 40k, Performance 50k

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