2022 Lexus NX 350H Takumi POV Test Drive [2.5L 2487 cc] London, England

The all new Lexus NX 350H Takumi POV Test Drive London, England.
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Make/model: Lexus NX 350H Takumi
Style: 5 door SUV
Year: 2022
Transmission: Automatic AWD
Fuel: Petrol/hybrid
Top speed: 124 mph
0-62/0-100 (mph/kph): 7.7 seconds.
Consumption: 44.1 mpg
Location: London, England.

00:00:00 Intro, walk around
00:00:50 Country roads
00:02:37 Demonstrating lane assist
00:04:00 City roads
00:07:57 Highway/motorway
00:10:46 lane assist

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Posted by asami