Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Review – Is the Hybrid the one to go for? (detailed specs & pricing)

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0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Toyota Cross Pricing
1:16 – What is a Hybrid?
3:04 – EV Mode
4:34 – Fuel Economy
6:03 – Energy Monitor
6:26 – Power Figures
7:42 – Interior
10:17 – Back Seats
11:25 – Boot Space
13:04 – Toyota Cross XR Specs
14:18 – Eco Driving
15:09 Fuel Tank Size
17:00 Should you buy a Toyota Cross?
19:04 – Outro

As motoring journalists, we are privileged to drive, test and review many vehicles. However, we are rarely afforded the opportunity to “live” with a car. A longer test period can often reveal quirks or inadequacies in a vehicle, or more positively, confirm that the vehicle is one you can confidently recommend. Ciro De Siena recently spent 4 weeks with the much antipicated Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid XR variant.

If social media can be used as a measure of interest in a vehicle, the Toyota Corolla Cross was certainly a stand out addition to the market in 2021. With extremely attractive pricing, the offering at face value is certainly attractive, and I have been inundated with requests to review this car.

Our video guy Ciro De Siena was fortunate to be supplied with the top-of-the-range Corolla Cross hybrid XR model. In this video he takes us on a detailed tour of the car, answering the big question, will the hybrid variant save you money? We also look at the boot space, rear seat space and features, infotainment system, specs and pricing.

Toyota Corolla Cross Price South Africa

Corolla Cross 1.8 Xi CVT R349 900
Corolla Cross 1.8 XS CVT R390 100
Corolla Cross 1.8 XS Hybrid R413 000
Corolla Cross 1.8 XR CVT R425 400
Corolla Cross 1.8 XR Hybrid R448 300

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