2022 LEXUS NX350h [ Luxury AWD ] 2.5l hybrid 242HP | POV Test Drive | Fuel consumption info

Hi, everyone! This is «Auto POV Drive».
Our channel is about POV driving, car driving from first person perspective. Such point of view test drives are called POV test drive or POV road test. 🎧 For an even more immersive experience (Binaural), be sure to put on your headphones.

In this video you’ll see Lexus NX POV Test Drive! You will be able to check Lexus NX driver visibility and feel how city, highway and bumpy roads driving with Lexus NX goes. Also we have checked the fuel consumption during the test drive.
We hope our GoPRO POV Lexus NX video will give you more driving experience about this model as well as more information about Lexus NX 350h LUXURY Interior – exterior, front and back seats.

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Model: Lexus NX
Version: 350h Luxury AWD
Manufacture year: 2022
Engine: 2.5l Hybrid/Petrol 242HP / 145kW
Transmission: e-CVT

0:00 Interior / exterior
0:37 Driving
3:44 Casual / relax driving in town
5:05 Driving in old town
6:26 Acceleration / engine sound
6:55 Relax driving
7:37 Interior quality / multimedia quality check
9:14 Casual driving in town
12:58 Fuel consumption info

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