2023 Toyota GR Corolla – It’s Here To Take It’s Place Above The Type R

Would you rather have this Toyota GR Corolla or a Honda Civic Type R?

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The GR Corolla is the third GR vehicle we get here in the states, but it’s also kinda the first

The GR86 uses a lot of Subaru hardware
We all know how BMW the GR Supra is
But the GR Corolla comes ground up from the GR Motomachi plant in Japan

This of course means that you get a lot of Toyota-specific kit liiiikkkeeeee:

You get the same 1.6L turbo 3cylinder from the rally homologated GR Yaris
In the Corolla it’s tuned to 300hp and 273lbft
That puts it above cars like the Hyundai N sisters and on-par with the Type R
The G16E-GTS engine makes peak torque from 3000-5500 rpm
Peak hp at 6500 rpm so a nice handoff from lower-end torque to high rpm hp
You also get a 3-port exhaust, like the Type R
This is to minimise back pressure and help the engine breathe better

You also get Toyota’s own 6 speed i-MT or intelligent manual trans
Which essentially means it’s got rev-matching and engineered to handle the torque
Should be fun

This is the first GR vehicle we see here in the states with Toyota’s GR-Four wheel drive system and it’s pretty sophisticated
It’s rally developed and it can be set in 3 ways
60:40 torque split (front)
50:50 symmetrical (like WRX or STI if they made one)
30:70 split (rear) for safe slides (lol)
But wait it gets better – On the base “core trim” you can option a performance package that will put torsen LSDs on your front and rear axle
Open diffs are standard on Core trim, but the LSDs are std on Circuit Edition

From there, the chassis is based off the GA-C platform, but of course has been revised
Extra weld-points and additional body adhesives increase the rigidity..alot

Suspension up front isn’t a double wishbone, but a macPhearson strut setup
Supposedly to reduce cost
It’s a double-wishbone multi-link set-up in the rear though
You love to see it

Tires will be Michelin Pilot Sport 4s with 18 inch wheels and enough sidewall to not get beatup

Brakes are from Toyota’s own parts bin and the rotors are 14 inches and the calipers are 4 pistons

The weight comes in at 3249lbs and they go into the topic of weight savings with things like a aluminium hood across the board and the circuit edition getting a forged carbon roof
To drop the center a gravity a little

This thing should be a riot to drive…

Looks a lot like the renders we’ve been seeing
Huge front grille
Circuit edition gets black hood scoops (functional)
Air curtains in the front valence for aero and to cool brakes
Flared fenders
15 spoke wheels
Exaggerated side skirt with GR Four embossed
Rear hip flare is incredibly Supra (lol)
Super wide rear end
Very interesting exhaust (not all together)

Big surprise the interior is black
Specific steering wheel
Digital cluster (12.3 inch)
New infotainment software (8in)
Alcantara seats
Heated seats and steering wheel
Wireless charger
Wireless car play & android auto
No sunroof?
This is the first car I know of that’ll come with Toyota Safety sense 3.0
We just had the Venza that was on 2.0 and the Tundra gets 2.5

Two trims: the circuit edition is like the launch edition and gets like everything
Core trim can be had with a few packages
Performance package (front & rear LSDs)
Tech package (lots of stuff)
Cold weather package (heated front seats & Steering wheel)

Pricing has not been announced; my assumption is they’re waiting to see where Honda puts the new Type R and will possibly try to undercut that

“Will go on sale later this year”

Posted by asami