LEAKED: 2023 Toyota GR Corolla! Here’s How It Stacks Up…

What would you have; GR Corolla, Civic Type R, Veloster N, Kona N, Elantra N, GTI, Golf R, or WRX?

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So what we’re going to do here is cover what we see and what it means and how the GR Corolla will stack up to the existing competition

Let’s break down the photo – with some simple editing and brightening we can see a lot of the GR Corolla

We also see the grille is less squared off than its GR Yaris predecessor
It’s hard to make out details but we aslo see the wheels are a dual 5 spoke pattern – nice
And then mechanically, most telling is the GR Four on the door confirming the AWD
And then on the container we can see
NA for north merica
G16 which is the g16e motor for the GR yaris
GR four confirming AWD

So under the hood we have the G16E motor that means 1.6T 3 cylinder
In the GR Yaris it makes just under 270 hp and 273 lbft
Expect a retune, remap, etc to boost to around 290hp and similar torque

Then you have a 6 speed manual trans and to my knowledge that’s the only trans option so it’s very CTR in that way – expect auto rev matching as well (defeatable)

It’s very NOT CTR in the way that it sends power to all 4 wheels hence the GR Four designation

Again, the predecessor to this car is a rally-bred homologation car so that’s super cool

LSD for your diffs more than likely which should push this thing to 60 in the mid 5 second range (est 5.6) it has more power than the Yaris but it’s a lot heavier

Which leads us to price – this could come in anywhere from say 32 grand to 38 grand. My guess would be to split the difference and put it around 34-35k

And with that information let’s talk about where it stacks up

Hyundai has come out of nowhere and completely changed their brand in the last 5 years or so. They’re the more luxurious sister while Kia is the more sporty, but you couldn’t tell looking at the N division.

I’ve seen their Veloster N race cars in action and they consistently win in their class at IMSA. This is important because all that racing tech from the RM20 race cars trickles down to the N cars and their other offerings

All their current N cars use a 2.0T 4 cylinder making 276 hp and 278 lbft – that hp figure goes up to 286 hp in DCT equipped cars with NGS
Elantra N – FWD for $33k (this is probably the closest to the GR Corolla for me in power, price, and practicality)
Kona N – FWD for $35,500
Veloster N – FWD just over $32k (this is also really close, but is a bit smaller than the Corolla

If it were me, i’d have the Corolla over all of these aside from maybe the Elantra, but then the Corolla has AWD for WI winters which is nice

Honda holds the benchmark spot in this class, at elast for me with their Civic Type R and it’s a couple months from an all -new gen which will be very similar on paper and power, but if anyone can transform a car with suspension and chassis tweaks it’s honda so expect this thing to be a monster

The problem is the CTR goes for like 37k and the reality is, unlike the hyundai N cars, there’s no way you’re getting a type R at MSRP, especially not in this market and especially not with a new gen whic pushes the Type R up over 40k in some cases

The GR Corolla will proabbyl also get marked up so this would be a great 3-way head to head with the Elantra N

Acura got an insane amount of hate for the Integra and whether or not that was deserved, their forthcoming Type S integra will be a Type R in a nicely pressed shirt.

But that also means it’ll be more expensive, around 40 grand, and it’ll be heavier which is the exact problem we had with the TLX Type S

This Integra wasn’t really playing in this segment anyway, but i’d go Corolla here

The Mazda 3 turbo also doesn’t really play here. It’s got a crap load of torque and it’s quick in a line, but it doesn’t have the sophisticated dynamics of these other cars.

Corolla easily here

VW’s GTI has defined this segment for decades and it’s got an all new gen GTI which I’m hearing is quite good, but lacks the raw unrefined-ness I like in my hot hatches.

As Always it’s the grown up choice here and i’d go childish

Then there’s the Golf R which is the only other one here with AWD, and while it’s very good it’s almost 45 grand which is just more than rest of the field here. Sure you get more car, but you still have to be able to make your payments. Corolla for me

The WRX also has AWD but a manual and it’s very powerful and it’s pretty cheap starting at under 30k…a 4 way head to head with the WRX, Elantra N, GR Corolla and the CTR would be the only way to sort this out here

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