2022 Toyota Corolla Cross – Driving, Interior and Exterior

(Toyota Corolla Cross XRX and XRE)
To meet the needs of different types of audiences, the Corolla Cross will be available in four different versions and two engines.

The Corolla Cross with a 2.0L Dynamic Force engine arrives in XR and XRE versions, while the hybrid system will be available in XRV Hybrid and XRX Hybrid versions.

The Corolla Cross has two engine options: 2.0L Dynamic Force flex with 10-speed Direct Shift transmission and direct injection, and the renowned hybrid system that combines three engines, two electric and one combustion flexfuel, already available on the Corolla sedan, making the SUV the second hybrid vehicle capable of running on ethanol in the world.

The Corolla Cross follows the success formula of its sedan brother, being endowed with two modern and efficient options of propellers.

The 2.0L Dynamic Force in-line four-cylinder, 16-valve combustion engine has an intelligent VVT-iE variable valve timing that, through an electric motor, modifies the opening times of the intake valves. It even comes with a D-4S direct and indirect fuel injection system that adapts the injection to driving conditions, offering more power and less fuel consumption.

With a high compression ratio (13:1) and long stroke and low friction pistons, the 2.0L Dynamic Force engine manufactured at the brand’s engine plant in Porto Feliz (SP), is the most powerful engine that has ever fitted a Corolla.
2.0L Dynamic Force Dual VVT-iE 16V DOHC Atkinson Flex cycle, which yields 177 hp at 6,600 rpm when fueled with ethanol, and 169 hp at 6,600 revolutions with gasoline. The maximum torque fueled with ethanol or gasoline is 21.4 kgf.m at 4400 rpm.

The SUV’s transmission is also the 10-speed Direct Shift, which provides the smoothness of a conventional CVT transmission with a feel of direct throttle. For this, Toyota engineers coupled a mechanical gear that acts on the vehicle’s start, improving the vehicle’s acceleration in 1st gear. The result is highly efficient transmission in any speed range.

Front Pre-Collision System
Toyota Safety Sense’s Front Pre-Collision system uses millimeter wave camera and radar to detect vehicles traveling on streets and highways. If the system detects the possibility of a collision, it alerts the driver through audible and visual warnings and activates braking assistance to prevent or reduce the damage caused by them. As a novelty, the system now also detects pedestrians and cyclists.

Lane Stay Assistance System (LTA), with Lane Change Alert (LDA) function
In certain circumstances, the Lane Departure Alert System (LDA) is designed to detect lane deviations when dividing lines are visible. Upon hearing and viewing alerts, and after verifying that it is safe to do so, the vehicle must be redirected to the center of the lane. This system also includes assisted driving functionality which, together with the Lane Trace Assist (LTA) system, observes road markings and makes adjustments to help you maintain your position by applying extra steering support and sounding an audible alert.

The elegant interior trim, which is the hallmark of the entire Corolla, remains a highlight of the Corolla Cross, with three types of seat upholstery. The XR version has parts covered in black fabric. The XRE and XRV Hybrid versions only have parts covered in leather and black synthetic material, while the top-end version XRX Hybrid is equipped with parts covered in leather and beige synthetic material.

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