New 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross – Hybrid compact SUV Interior, Exterior & Production


カローラクロスの内装はセダンの基準を踏襲しているが、若干の違いはある。 SUVでは、ドアにつながるまで仕上げ全体を水平に配置することで、開放感を高めています。

-2.0LダイナミックフォースデュアルVVT-iE16V DOHCアトキンソンフレックスサイクル。エタノールを燃料とする場合、6,600rpmで177hp、ガソリンを燃料とする場合、6,600rpmで169hpを生成します。エタノールやガソリンの最大トルクは4,400rpmで。SUVトランスミッションも10速ダイレクトシフトで、従来のCVTトランスミッションのような滑らかさと直加速感を実現。

トヨタのハイブリッドシステムは、1.8L VVT-i 16Vアトキンソンフレックスサイクルエンジンを組み合わせており、エタノールを燃料とする場合は5,200回転で101 hp、ガソリンを燃料とする場合は5,200rpmで98hp、3,600rpm(燃料を供給する場合)で14.5 kgf.mのトルクを発揮します。エタノールまたはガソリンで)。

The Corolla Cross was designed to convey the robustness and elegance of an authentic urban SUV and its design expresses these characteristics. In this competitive segment, designers made a point of creating a model that would attract attention wherever it goes, while giving the occupants the feeling of being in a superior vehicle.

Right at the front, you can see the robust character of the model with the configuration of the double trapezoidal grille that provides a wide and strong appearance.

The upper grille, painted in dark gray and in a honeycomb shape, in the best Lexus style, accommodates the Toyota logo. In hybrid versions, the grid frame is silver and the logo finish is blue. The lower grille in black plastic guarantees an off-road style and has LED fog lights for all versions.

The bumper has large creases, highlighting the robust character of the model, and where the headlights rest in a horizontal format, starting from the side of the Corolla Cross until they find the upper front grille. In the entry version, the headlights are halogen, while in the other versions, LED. The hybrid versions have a blue finish also on the headlights. In addition, the entire line has daytime running lights, the Daytime Running Lights – DRL.

At the rear, the fenders follow the robust, three-dimensional shape of the front bumpers and the headlights follow the horizontal style, “hugging” the vehicle from the side. Highlights for the central part of the rear, where is the opening of the trunk lid, with the inscription Corolla Cross, and the rear spoiler, bringing dynamism to the Toyota SUV.

The interior of the Corolla Cross follows the standard of the sedan, with minor differences. In the SUV, the entire finish is laid out horizontally until it connects with the doors, giving a greater sense of spaciousness.

– 2.0L Dynamic Force Dual VVT-iE 16V DOHC Atkinson Flex cycle, which yields 177 hp at 6,600 rpm, when fueled with ethanol, and 169 hp, at 6,600 rpm, with gasoline. The maximum torque supplied with ethanol or gasoline is 21.4 at 4,400 rpm.The SUV transmission is also the 10-speed Direct Shift, which provides the smoothness of a conventional CVT transmission with a sense of direct acceleration.

Toyota’s hybrid system combines a 1.8L VVT-i 16V Atkinson flex cycle engine, with 101 hp at 5,200 turns when fueled with ethanol, and 98 hp at 5,200 rpm when fueled with gasoline, and 14.5 kgf .m of torque at 3,600 rpm (fueled with ethanol or gasoline). This engine works in conjunction with two electric motors (MG1 and MG2) with 72 hp of power and 16.6 kgf.m of torque, ensuring smooth acceleration and excellent comfort when riding in any type of driving.
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