2022 Toyota Aqua Production in Japan [Prius C]

2022 Toyota Aqua Production in Japan [Prius C]
Toyota Motor East Japan (Tohoku) – Assembly Plant Iwate
Toyota “Aqua” of the second generation. The first generation was praised as “close to hybrid” alongside the Prius and in a short period of time it also acquired brand value. The exterior has a silhouette that “at first glance can be recognized as an aquamarine”, but as a new aquamarine “adulthood” is added. The front with increased softness (stronger eyes), the side with increased quality rather than sharpness, and the back with glamorous cracks, I thought it wasn’t great, but it had a high “good feel”. However, the 16-inch aluminum wheels still give a bit of a clerical impression, and the 15-inch hubcaps give a slightly clerical impression. In keeping with Toyota’s latest design, the interior is simpler with fewer necessary and functional switches, a sophisticated positioning where the center monitor does not obstruct the view, and neat surrounds of the center console through the use of an electronic switch.
High comfort is also one of the Aqua’s features, and the Yaris + 50mm and 2600mm wheelbases significantly increase rear legroom. The 180cm man actually sat in the back seat with the front seat adjusted, but there is room for two fists at his feet.
The Driving Assistance System is equipped with the latest TSS (Toyota Safety Sense). It supports the driver with five advanced features such as Pre-Collision Safety and Lane Keeping Assist, but I’m glad Radar Cruise Control has all the vehicle speed tracking features and outperforms the Yaris. By the way, it takes 3 minutes to stop and hold, and if it is longer, it will automatically go into the P range by using the electronic shift. In addition, the refined fleet, which has become a hot topic for the Yaris, also uses electronic gear shifting, with shifting being automatic in addition to steering / accelerator / brake control. And the fast and accurate parking is still great.

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