The all-new Aqua is a hybrid electric-only compact car redesigned to realize Toyota’s mission to “introduce sustainable vehicles practically*1,” and to contribute to carbon neutrality.

The all-new Aqua is approximately 20%*4 more fuel efficient than the previous generation; it combines outstanding fuel efficiency of 35.8 km/L*5 with the comfortable, high-quality ride of an electrified vehicle

The all-new Aqua inherits and refines the roles undertaken by its predecessor, and, in pursuit of once again “creating a compact car for the next 10 years”, in addition to a suite of features designed to enable customers to drive their vehicles every day with joy, safety, peace of mind, and comfort, it also realizes superior environmental performance. In addition to excellent environmental performance such as in the form of low fuel consumption at 35.8 kilometers per liter*5, it achieves high-quality driving performance by way of comfortable acceleration. Also, as can be expected, the Aqua comes with a full range of carefully considered equipment, including as standard on all grades a 100-volt (alternating current)/1,500-watt accessory power outlet and an emergency power supply mode that allows electricity to be drawn from the vehicle for external use during blackouts.

Toyota espouses the concept of a “home planet” and believes it has a duty to bequeath this beautiful Earth to future generations. Going forward, the company will continue to engage in making ever-better cars to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality and the production of happiness for all through automobiles.

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