【2021】TOYOTA GR YARIS Test Mode 設定方法!This is the setting method of GR Yaris.ヤリス

GRヤリスをダイナパックで計測した時、エキスパートモードより6ps馬力が向上したTest Modeの設定方法です。GRヤリスはGR Fourともいいます。
It is a setting method of Test Mode which is 6ps horsepower improved from expert mode when measured with Dynapac.
Traction control is completely turned off.

The following translation from Nicolas Cage Czechia (Thanks)
Here is a clear table describing the activation procedure:
1. Handbrake ON Engine OFF (Initial condition)
2.Engine ON
3. Handbrake OFF
4. Engine OF
5.Brakepedal ON
6.Engine ON
7.Handbrake ON
8.Brakepedal 2x or more OFF→ON
9. Handbrake 2x or more OFF→ON
10.Brakepedal 2x or more OFF→ON
On the display lights up: AWD TEST MODE


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