Can the new BMW M4 catch a Toyota GR Yaris? | Steve Sutcliffe Track Battle

Steve Sutcliffe takes a Toyota GR Yaris to the limit on track, trying to keep a BMW M4 Competition behind. Can he stay ahead?

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The new, 2021 BMW M4 Competition (G82) has already proved itself as one of the most capable sports coupes on sale – an explosive turbocharged straight-six and a sharp, beautifully balanced chassis combine to make it a serious weapon on track. But around the narrow, twisty Llandow track, can it catch and pass a Toyota GR Yaris? The Toyota was built for this place – agile, direct and with four-wheel drive traction, it should slice through the tricky slow speed sections, while calling upon its gutsy 1.6-litre turbocharged motor to fire itself out. The M4 is easily the more potent machine, though, so Sutcliffe will have to bring his A-game to stand a chance.

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Posted by asami