Our GR Yaris Crashed on The Nürburgring: Causes & Consequences

Recently our GR Yaris was involved in a crash on the Nürburgring. Let’s talk about the fine details of crashing on the Nürburgring.

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Topics And Time Stamps:
00:00 GT2 RS MR Almost Crashed
00:34 GR Yaris Crashed
01:42 How did the Crash Happen?
02:58 Driving Dynamics Cause
05:12 Barrier Damage Costs
05:26 15.000€ for Track Closure?!
06:04 Barrier Costs Explained
07:23 Damages to the Car
09:48 Customer Pays. Why? Insurance?
12:45 Costs Combined
13:15 Loss of Business Income
14:11 No more Manuals In our fleet?
16:18 No More Yaris in our Fleet?
17:29 When is it Back?
18:05 SSC RUN??

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