Toyota Yaris 2000 and Yaris Hybrid 2021 – meet the ancestors

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid has been declared Car of the Year 2021. Selected by a jury of 59 automotive journalists from across Europe, the fourth-generation Yaris receives the prestigious award 21 years after the innovative first-generation model was given the honour, in 2000.

What was it about these two hatchbacks which impressed the judges more than two decades apart?

To find out, we asked Paul Cowland to drive a pristine example of the first-generation Yaris back-to-back with the new Yaris Hybrid.

Contents of this film:
0:00 Introduction with Paul Cowland
0:44 First-generation Yaris test driven
1:30 First-generation Yaris interior
2:00 New Yaris Hybrid test driven
2:39 New Yaris Hybrid interior
3:06 Conclusion with Paul Cowland

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