Toyota Yaris Cross vs Ford Puma vs Skoda Kamiq: 2021 Small SUV Comparison Australia

This comparison test takes three of the most recently-launched light SUVs. They are brand-new nameplates for the brands here, and we’re sticking them head-to-head to find out which we think is more worthy of your dollars.

We’ve got the much-hyped Yaris Cross, the important-for-the-brand Ford Puma, and the Skoda Kamiq, which we think flys under the radar compared to the others.

We’ve also chosen them with a price benchmark of $30,000 which has us in the base Ford Puma (simply called Puma), the base Skoda Kamiq 85TSI, and the mid-spec Toyota Yaris Cross GXL 2WD Hybrid.

So which should you choose? We’ve stuck these three all-new SUVs head-to-head in our eight review criteria, including price and specs, design, practicality, engine and transmission, fuel consumption, drive experience, safety, and ownership in order to give you the most complete picture.

With three all-new nameplates with no established history, this should be a particularly interesting test, watch on or read the full review on to see which one we tip as the winner. As always though, keep in mind that an outright winner on our scheme might not be the car most suited to your lifestyle, so take a closer look at the criteria most relevant to you as each of the choices in this review have their own pros and cons.

00:00 Intro
01:27 Pricing
02:34 Features
03:58 Design
06:15 Interior
11:01 Practicality
12:37 Boot space
13:02 Engine specs
13:37 Driving
19:54 Fuel consumption
20:36 Safety
21:45 Ownership
22:35 Verdict

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