2020 SUBARU LEVORG STI Sport Black Selection Exhibition!スバル レヴォーグ STIスポーツ 特別使用車 ブラックセレクション 実車見てきたよ!

追って、新型S4 STISport、WRX STIもアップして行きます!ご期待下さい!
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I have seen the Subaru new Revog STI STI special use car BlackSelection (Black Selection) display car! It is a new model announced the other day. I think that there are many people who are concerned about the interior of the special specification based on black. The black condition of the interior and the exterior for special use. The display vehicle is black with crystal black silica! RECARO seat use cars are different from other Levaux.
Let’s do some preparation before checking with the dealer!
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Posted by asami