The coolest 2 car Honda garage? Honda e EV & Civic gen 1 // Jonny Smith

The Honda e is probably the most fascinating EV without a Tesla badge. In fact it’s probably more fascinating, because its design alone captured the attention and desire of legions of car enthusiasts who don’t even give a toss about zero emission cars. There is no denying this kind of design is precisely what Honda does best. In this episode Jonny drives the Honda e for the second time, this time on UK soil and not in a hurricane.

The excuse to drive this gorgeous slice of seventies surburbia gen 1 Civic is because the Honda e borrows so many styling cues from it. Plus, the 137-mile, 35.5kWh, 154PS rwd Honda e is the spiritual successor city car to the first Civic.

Here is how the Honda e compares to its EV rivals:

WLTP Range
Honda e – 137 miles / 220km
Renault Zoe Z.E 50 – 239 miles / 385km
Peugeot e208 – 217 miles / 349km
VW e-Up! – 162 miles / 260km
Mini Cooper Se – 144 miles / 232km

Performance (0-62mph / 0-100kph)
Honda e – 8 secs (Advance spec)
Renault Zoe Z.E 50 – secs
Peugeot e208 – 8.1 secs
VW e-Up! – 11.9 secs
Mini Cooper Se – 7.3 secs

Price (UK on road price INC £3000 government grant)
Honda e – from £26,660.
Renault Zoe Z.E 50 – from £28,995.
Peugeot e208 – from £26,025.
VW e-Up! – from £20,555.
Mini Cooper Se – from £24,900.

Honda e – 35.5kWh / 134 or 154hp (Advance spec)
Renault Zoe Z.E 50 – 52kWh / 108hp
Peugeot e208 – 50kWh / 136hp
VW e-Up! – 36.8kWh / 82hp
Mini Cooper Se – 32.6kWh / 181hp

1975 Honda Civic 1200 manual
1170cc CVCC
54bhp / 58lb ft
0-60 in 15.1 secs
Top speed: 90mph
32.5 – 38.7mpg

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Filmed & edited by: Matty Graham @ Pixel Click
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design

Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since ’98

0:00 Intro
0:15 Honda e previous test vid
1:30 Honda e – the new spiritual Civic?
1:45 size comparison
2:05 Design similarities
3:06 Old Civic driving
4:18 old car smell
4:53 old Civic engine 
5:12 Honda S600
6:06 old Civic performance stats
8:21 old Civic town driving
8:58 old Civic dash
9:26 PACMAN!
10:20 Not a Z600 or N600
10:33 old Civic brakes
10:53 Ideal 2 car garage?
12:16 Honda e road drive
12:41 Honda e previous video
13:13 Range of rival EVs
13:21 Performance of rival EVs
14:07 Pricing of rival EVs
14:50 Battery packs of rival EVs
15:37 Advance spec
16:30 Insight gen 1 
18:07 Honda e suspension & ride
18:25 Honda e traction control
18:45 Type R to come?
19:45 Fast roundabout driving
20:42 Honda e charging 
21:26 0-62 test
22:44 Conclusion
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